This can be "You" tomorrow

Joining Telerik Academy will be the single most impactful step in your career start and life, just like it is for our alumni:

Great career in 6 months

98% today work in software engineering
100% are hired in 2-6 months after graduation
67% move on to the next level within their first year on the job
60% earn salaries higher than the average for the IT industry

Better life at the age of 20-35 years

81% are satisfied with
their living standard
61% have their
own car
35% have their
own apartment
50% enjoy frequent vacations and expensive hobbies

Sounds great? Here's how you do it.

IT is the hottest market

  • Thousands of career opportunities
  • 14% annual growth of the industry
  • Highest paid industry
  • Rising wages: 30% over the past 4 years

Tuition Model

Start a job within our partner network

Your education is free!
The Partner will pay for it.

Free Tuition

Start a job at any
non-partner company

Pay for your education after you start a job. Financing provided by a bank partner.

Tuition BGN 4,000 (BGN 178 for 24 months)

In short:

  • If you are employed by a partner, your tuition is waived
  • Payment of tuition fee doesn’t start until 6 months after graduation (grace period)
  • Deferred payment over 12-24 months’ period
  • Automatic credit approval with a bank, partner of Telerik Academy
  • Zero risk: Money-back guarantee. Drop-out with no consequences up to 2 months of program start

100% Success, 100% Confidence

Our inspiration is our alumni

Our alumni contribute to the success of many of today’s leading companies